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High-quality after sales service support

The SCHMETZ service department is your "1st address"!

Via telephone diagnosis, e-mail or internet, like for example trouble-shooting via modem or internet, we guarantee a worldwide quick and economical service to ensure high availability and productivity of the furnaces.

With our qualified and internationally experienced service team we guarantee that your SCHMETZ furnaces work properly and smoothly.


For reproducible treatment cycles with exact process guidance (menu-guided programming, optimised recording and documentation), we developed the Thermprocess-Management-system SCHMETZ *TMS*. In times of high quality requirements this is an important factor for your success .

In case of an overhaul of the hot zone please consider to integrate our system *eSS*.

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You can reach us by phone, comfortable via e-mail or through our contact form.

+49 (0) 2373 686-0

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Our service program includes:

  • training of your staff
  • commissioning of new furnaces
  • disassembly/reassembly of existing furnaces
  • all kind of repairs, also of other models
  • modifications to new programmers/supervision systems
  • preventive maintenance
  • maintenance contracts
  • technical measurements / checks and calibration according to national/international standard for DIN EN ISO 9001 and e.g. NADCAP, AMS 2750
  • leak detection
  • hotline

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