Horizontal high temperature vacuum chamber furnace type I / type E

Horizontal vacuum chamber furnace with round or rectangular hotzone for high temperature processes like hardening, brazing, sintering, etc.

  • type I: model with hot zone insulation made of graphite
  • type E: model with hot zone insulation made of molybdenum + stainless steel

The horizontal vacuum chamber furnace is the universal system for different components in various sizes and in small or large production series.

Loading of the furnace from the front.

  • 300 x 300x 300 mm - 1200 x 3000 x 1200 mm (W x L x H)
    Baugröße Chargenmaße (load dimensions) Chargengewicht (weight)
    (size) (BxLxH) (mm) (WxLxH) kg (brutto) (gross)
    01 300 x 300 x 300 50
    02 300 x 450 x 300 100
    11 400 x 600 x 400 200
    12 600 x 600 x 400 400
    13 400 x 600 x 600 400
    14 500 x 600 x 500 400
    21 600 x 900 x 600 600 / 1000
    22 900 x 900 x 600 1000
    23 600 x 900 x 900 600 / 1000
    24 600 x 1200 x 600 1000
    30 900 x 1000 x 900 1000
    31 800 x 1200 x 800 1000
    32 900 x 1200 x 700 1000
    33 900 x 1200 x 900 1000 / 1500
    34 800 x 1500 x 800 1000 / 1500
    41 1000 x 1500 x 1000 1000 / 1500
    42 1200 x 1500 x 1000 1500
    43 1000 x 1500 x 1200 1500
    44 1200 x 2000 x 1200 2500
    45 1200 x 3000 x 1200 5000
  • Load weight 50 - 5000 kg (gross)
  • Hot zone round or square
  • graphite or molybdenum
  • 10-2 mbar-range, 10-5 mbar-range, 10-6 mbar-range
  • max. 1350°C, 1500°C, 1600°C
  • cooling pressure 0,9, <1,5, 6, 10, 13 bar or higher (abs.)
  • processgas nitrogen, argon, helium, etc.
  • SCHMETZ Thermprocess Management System "TMS"
  • Hardening (vacuumhardening with overpressure gas quench)
  • Tempering (in vacuum- or gasatmosphere)
  • "sub zero" treatment (until - 145°C)
  • Annealing (stress-relieving and soft annealing)
  • Soldering (in Fine- or Highvacuum- atmosphere)
  • Sintering (e.g. magnets, filter)


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Products of this series

Detailed description

The horizontal front loader vacuum furnace is designed on the "cold-wall principle". The cylindrical outer casing is a horizontal construction, double-walled and water-cooled. Thermal strain is hereby excluded as no measurable temperature will be transferred to the outside wall.

Inside the casing the following components are located: hot zone, heat exchanger, high capacity radial fan with electric motor and the gas ducts. Outside the casing the vacuum pump station, the transformers and the switchboard are installed. This compact design guarantees an extremely low need of space. The layout will be adapted widely with the local facilities. The maintenance friendly design is leading to an easy access to all elements and components of the furnace.

Loading and unloading of the furnace is done from the front. The load is hereby positioned with a rail guided loading car (option) exactly into the hot zone. The jigs and fixtures are laying on top of transport forks and will be lowered with an hydraulic cylinder system towards the load supports in the hot zone.

The swivelling furnace door will be secured with the furnace casing hydraulically / electrically against overpressure after loading. The required time-/temperature cycle is running fully automatically afterwards.

SCHMETZ horizontal vacuum chamber furnaces are t.e. used for in-house or commercial hardening shops and also for high temperature brazing applications.

According to the application the furnace is equipped with appropriate vacuum systems, rectangular or round hot zone geometry as well as insulation made of graphite or molybdenum + stainless steel.

An optional convection system optimises heating-up speed and uniformity.

Appropriate cooling gas pressure stages from 0,9 up to 13 bar (abs.) and higher realise intensive quenching speeds according to individual requirements of component, material quality and load. Multi-direction cooling systems ensure best distortion low heat treatment results.

The wide range of standard sizes offers the suitale furnace for the particular component and requested capacity.


SCHMETZ convection system *FUTUR*


SCHMETZ System "1R"

SCHMETZ System "2R"

SCHMETZ System "2x2R"




Sub zero


Process control



Schmetz System "eSS"

Additional options

    • high vacuum pump station with oil diffusion-pump, turbomolecular-pump or  cryo-pump
    • additional holding pump for high vacuum pump station
    • Increased heating power, 
    • multi-zone heating control,
    • door-zone, back-zone, middle-zone heating system
    • separate PC working 
    • protective gas buffer tank 
    • loading car
    • loading grids and baskets
    • additional closed water distribution with water/water –plate heat exchanger for the furnace vessel
    • water re-cooling system

Further options on request.