IVA Schmetz GmbH

IVA Schmetz GmbH is specialized in the development and manufacturing of atmosphere and vacuum furnaces for almost all fields of application. Here the company benefits from the know-how of the formerly independent companies IVA Industrieöfen GmbH and Schmetz GmbH, which merged into one legal entity in February 2016. IVA Schmetz has two sites in Dortmund and Menden, Germany.

The former company Schmetz GmbH was established in 1945 as manufacturer of industrial furnaces in Menden nearby Dortmund, Germany. Since the merger, the brand name "SCHMETZ" continues to exist within this new entity and represents the product line of vacuum furnaces. Early SCHMETZ focused on the production of vacuum furnaces that are continuously developed and improved to meet the latest technical and customer requirements. The whole spectrum of SCHMETZ furnace systems offers solutions for different heat treatment processes, such as Hardening, Tempering, Sub-zero Cooling, Annealing, Brazing, and Sintering.

heat treatment shops
aircraft and aeronautique industry
automotive industry
steel supplier
heat exchanger manufacturers
tool manufacturers
mould and die manufacturers
sinter producers
surface processing industry
industrial and flight turbine manufacturers
food industry
medical industry
No decarburisation
Low distortion
No oxidation of components
Bright surfaces
High temperature homogenity
Heat treatment control with load thermocouples
Reproducing results
High temperature brazing
Solution treatment + aging
Hardening + tempering